ElCresh ADS-B Journal

Issue - 27th May 2022
    Found ADS-B Exchange docker stuck on API comunication. Feeder ID and docker regenerated. Feeder started working correctly now.
Maintenance - 26th May 2022
    Tested and installed new omnidirectional antenna on the roof. Resetted readsb autotuning for new antenna. Switchoff from old at 2:50 PM.
Issue - 13th April 2022
    06:00 PM - Electrical outage detected
    06:15 PM - Power restored
    06:45 PM - Detected Raspberry PI SD corruption. OS no longer bootable.
    07:10 PM - SD damaged. Started rebuilding on another SD card. 09:10 PM - Feeder config restored on news SD card. Restored full service.
Issue - 12th April 2022
    04:00 PM - Found readsb docker lost ADS-B Receiver. Rebooted full system to reload usb devices and dockers. Now is working again.
Info - 7th April 2022
    After some days with new pair of antennas this is currente coverage range. Signal seems stroger on lower altitude. Improved signal from LIPF and LIPY.
Maintenance - 5th April 2022
    Added another small roof antenna combined with the one already mounted to improve signal quality. Removed Xboost antenna from the roof waiting for better mount solution.
Info - 4th April 2022
    Added feeder docker to ADS-B receiver:
  • FlightRadar24
Issue - 31th March 2022
    Weather condition improved. Antenna is now attached again on the roof. Initial range restored.
Issue - 30th March 2022
    Temporary antenna detached from roof due to weather condition. Waiting for rain to stop to attempt antenna repositioning. Xboost antenna correctly attached but disconnected from feeder (poor signal not solved).
Info - 29th March 2022
    Added feeder docker to ADS-B receiver:
  • Planefinder
Maintenance - 29th March 2022
    Installed new test antenna (AirNav ADS-B XBoost) but poorly aligned due to missing support (out of polarization). Bad reception in this condition. Restored previous antenna while designing a better support.
Info - 28th March 2022
    Added feeder docker to ADS-B receiver:
  • Opensky
  • Radarvirtuel
Maintenance - 27th March 2022
    Moved antenna outside on the roof. Temporary mouting hoping that will survive minor raining.
Maintenance - 24th March 2022
    Changed ADS-B Stickt with AirNav with integrated filter. Improved received signal quality from the old generic one.
Info - 22th March 2022
    Installed first temporary antenna indoor (smaller size) with plan for a bigger one in future. Enabled first feeders:
  • ADS-B Exchange
  • Radarbox
  • Flightaware